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London’s Best Green Spaces

Spring is on its way, and in order to get through the misery of the storms and the current chilly weather, it’s nice to look forward to days spent in the sunshine outside. Why not start planning a trip somewhere over the Easter period to enjoy new scenery and the great outdoors when the temperature […]

Batanes: The perfect trip

Just like everyone else, we had our eyes on Batanes ever since we started traveling. We daydreamed about its rolling hills (and plastered them on our walls for good measure) but never actually thought we could set foot on them—not this soon, and not this time of the year. When 2013 came, we never thought […]

Kalanggaman Island, Leyte: Beauty in the middle of nowhere

We could taste the saltwater on our lips. In fact, saltwater was all over our face. Our eyeglasses—yes, both of them—were pockmarked with beads of water. We could barely see ahead of us, and besides, there seemed nothing else to see except the rough open seas ahead. Our boat carried around 20 tourists—brown-skinned, pale-skinned, black-haired, […]

Moody Bacuit Bay: El Nido, Palawan Timelapse

Of the six full days we were in El Nido, we had only one—yes, one—sunny day. And that was Friday the 13th. We’ve been carelessly optimistic about this trip, having been reassured countless times that heavy rains do not usually plague this part of the country. Not Palawan, a dreamy island forever sun-kissed. And definitely […]

Diving with thresher sharks in Malapascua, Cebu

We had a lot of reservations before finally taking the plunge—literally—to Monad Shoal in Malapascua, northern Cebu to see its thresher sharks. This tiny island barangay is the only place in the entire world where sightings of this shark species are regular and gratification for those who make the trip is thus fairly guaranteed. But our […]

Dining Out in Borovets: Top Places to Eat

A hard day on the slopes warrants a good slap up meal afterwards, and while you may be in catered accommodation, heading out for dinner in a local restaurant should be enjoyed at least once during your holiday. While skiing in Borovets, it becomes apparent that Bulgaria offers the wonders of skiing on a budget, […]

Bulusan Lake, Sorsogon

It was barely 6 AM and we were already running an hour late from our self-imposed call time. Luckily, we were in the province—in fact, we were in the middle of nowhere, in a small hot spring resort surrounded by dense mountains and tall coconut trees in Irosin, Sorsogon. There was no pesky tour guide […]

Posted in Bicol, LuzonJuly 12, 2013

Photos: 24 hours in Donsol

Small, quiet, uncomplicated–well, at least on the surface. That’s how Donsol in Sorsogon province seemed. Coconut trees rose above the concrete, and small fenced resorts lined up the coast, which, to anyone who didn’t know better, could easily look unremarkable.

Posted in Bicol, LuzonJuly 8, 2013

POSTCARDS: Diniwid Beach, Boracay

  style=”display:inline-block;width:468px;height:15px” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-9863223324681828″ data-ad-slot=”3809290886″> On the other side of White Beach in Boracay Island is Diniwid Beach, whose sand is just as fine and white but whose turquoise waters and jagged rock formations make for a unique beach experience altogether. With thinner crowds and less establishments, Diniwid Beach gives you peace and quiet—save of course […]

Donsol, Sorsogon: No whalesharks — almost

“Ma’am, sir,” our Butanding Interaction Officer, Manong Henry, addressed us slowly, choosing his words carefully,”Gaya ho ng sabi namin kanina, wala pong kasiguruhan na makakakita tayo ng butanding ngayon. [Just as we had told you earlier, we cannot guarantee seeing whalesharks today]” It was nearly lunch time. The sun was boring down on us, a […]

HOT! Chili & other things in Bicol

It is easy to spot quirky food in Bicol without even trying. Random blaring signs like chili shake for sale greet you at almost every corner, so it’s fairly easy to give in to curiosity. And in times like this when the summer sun is boring down on you, there’s no better diversion than an […]

Review: The North Face Alteo 35 Backpack

I got The North Face Alteo 35 backpack late last year as sort of replacement for my old TNF Jester daypack, which, although still very much in mint condition, wasn’t as comfortable as before. Don’t get me wrong—the TNF Jester is a fantastic bag and it’s still the most comfortable daypack I’ve used. Let’s just […]

Up the road to Mt. Cabuyao, Tuba, Benguet

I remember a proposition in Kidapawan City months before to build concrete steps (16,000!) up Mt. Apo, the Philippines’ highest mountain. Nothing could be worse than that, except maybe if they decide to make a zipline on the way back down. Owen and I are no mountaineers but we do understand how important it is […]