10 digital resources for armchair travelers

Everyone is an armchair traveler. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. After all, office cubicles strewn with work that won’t go away are usually the stuff big travel plans are made of.

So here’s to the tech gods who have made it possible for us to carve travel dreams from electronic pages. :-)

This list is in random order. This is not a sponsored post.


Platform: web; mobile (free on iOS, Android, Nokia)
Twitter: @CNNTravel


Unlike other travel websites, CNN Go is just about the stories. And when you’re the type who’s been scouring the web for worthwhile travel tales and couldn’t quite find the exact material you want, this website is a godsend. The same is true for its mobile app—it’s by far the only travel-dedicated news/feature site that won’t require you to navigate through tons of other things you don’t want to read anyway—such as stock market news or the latest traffic altercation along EDSA. Travel news, travel inspiration—that’s all it is, and that’s about everything you need anyway.
A bonus of course is its iReport—a so-called citizen journalism platform—that allows anyone to submit travel photos, videos, and articles (you have to register on the site first). It also releases regular assignments on specific topics—as of this writing, it’s accepting iReports for the Hurricane Season 2012 (apparently for US readers); ‘Game of Thrones’ fan creations; and Been to a same sex wedding?, among others. It then curates material and gathers these into a feature.

Get started:

World’s 50 best beaches
Around the world in 30 dumplings
Amazing images of Bondi beach (and the photographer who missed just 3 sunrises in the last 12 years!)


Platform: print, digital (iPad, Nook, Kindle, Zinio; free monthly trial issues for digital; $1.99 monthly subscription)
Twitter: @islandsmagazine
3Please take time to read this editorial. Amazing, amazing storytelling, and the mag’s just getting started.


Not all about dreamy resorts, Islands is more often about boxing and cheese all over the planet.


If you could possibly fall in love with any piece of reading, then it has got to be this. ISLANDS Magazine has the best travel photos we’ve EVER seen, and this does not even include their kick-ass stories (they had a feature on Corsica, Italy—and when most writers would make a litany of descriptions, the author talked about the town’s cheese and how it allowed him to experience the locals’ supposed indifference to anyone and everyone).
Most of the destinations featured are in the Carribean, owing to its largely American market, but other parts of the planet do get their share of the pages. If you would really have to shell out for anything—and mind you they didn’t pay us to say this—it’s got to be this one. You can actually not read everything else on this list and we wouldn’t mind.


Platform: web; iOS (free)
Twitter: @flyPAL


When talking about local magazines, Mabuhay wins our list for recently producing an iOS app that lets you have the full copy of the latest issue for free. So far, it’s the only local travel magazine that has done this–and you can just imagine how many more readers about the Philippines it can get by being available online. And we love the animated covers too.

  • http://www.travelfillers.com/ killerfillers

    CNN Go, Nat Geo and Smile are bookmarked in my browser already. Ma-try nga tong Triposo.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00779572056259030202 Two2Travel

      Maganda nga ang Triposo kasi pati maps nila pwedeng iaccess kahit offline :-)