We are Owen and Nikka, mid-20-something photographers from the Philippines (um, yes, we are also a couple).

We started this blog in 2012 as a way to make sense of the little adventures we were having around our beautiful country. Now it’s a mishmash of stories, feeble attempts at travel guides, and lots and lots of photographs. It’s a mess most of the time (sometimes we like to call it a work in progress), but we do try to write about our travels as spontaneously as we have experienced them. So while you may not find most of them helpful, we hope you will feel the teensiest drive to venture out after leaving our pages. :D

It’s a big world, and there’s so much to learn from it. There’s really nothing more to do but embrace adventure, embrace it fully, embrace it happy.

Always on our way,
Owen and Nikka

Two2Travel Bloggys 2015

Owen and Nikka Two2Travel

For our portfolio of work, please visit owenballesteros.com, nikkacorsino.com, and owenandnikka.com.

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