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Accidental tourists at Bohol’s Virgin Island

We didn’t plan on going to Virgin Island, some 20 minutes from Panglao, because that would mean renting a boat at P2,500 for the two of us and going on the usual island hopping tour (Pamilacan for dolphin watching, Balicasag for snorkeling, & a final stop at Virgin).

TWO2TRAVEL | Bohol | Virgin Island

Since it was Habagat season and waves were a bit stronger, we thought it best to skip the tour and simply head straight for Balicasag to snorkel (more on that on the next post). We were therefore surprised (pleasantly, of course) when the boat we hitched on stopped by this long sandbar on the way back to Panglao from Balicasag. Thankfully, the rains earlier that morning were replaced with sunshine. We were with a bunch of Chinese tourists, and we were only too dim-witted to realize that they paid for an island hopping tour and that we were hitching on their tour as well. :p

So here we’re sharing some of the photos we took from this lucky accident. Thank you, lucky stars. Free tour FTW :D

TWO2TRAVEL | Bohol | Virgin Island

Virgin Island comes into view. It’s that patch of land on the right side with coconut trees.

TWO2TRAVEL | Bohol | Virgin Island

TWO2TRAVEL | Bohol | Virgin Island

From the clump of coconut trees far off, the island extends all the way to this sandbar. Too bad the high tide submerged a part of it. On a clearer day, these dark green parts beside the sandbar would be clear shallow water that’d make you wanna live here forever.

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TWO2TRAVEL | Bohol | Virgin Island

TWO2TRAVEL | Bohol | Virgin Island

TWO2TRAVEL | Bohol | Virgin Island

Freshly caught sea urchin for P20 apiece from these two guys. Other times they sell for a ridiculous P50 per shell. Anyway, be careful, we weren’t too pleased with how they badgered us quickly to have some of these and then charged us well over P200. Still, it’s better than an overpriced uni sushi we previously had that tasted like sh*t.

TWO2TRAVEL | Bohol | Virgin Island

TWO2TRAVEL | Bohol | Virgin Island

Apparently, Boholanos’ idea of jokes is calling another one a tarsier. When we took this photo, that guy in the yellow shirt introduced the other one as Virgin Island’s resident tarsier. Earlier in Balicasag, our guide Randy jokingly referred to a group of kids we asked to pose for us as the tarsiers of Balicasag. :P

TWO2TRAVEL | Bohol | Virgin IslandSeashells for sale at P50-P100 each.

TWO2TRAVEL | Bohol | Virgin Island

TWO2TRAVEL | Bohol | Virgin Island

There really isn’t much to do at this island (no snorkeling) except maybe buy one of the fresh coconuts being sold at P40 each. When you go early enough, you may be lucky to spot one of those old ladies selling turon as well.

TWO2TRAVEL | Bohol | Virgin Island

TWO2TRAVEL | Bohol | Virgin Island


Your route will look like this: Tagbilaran–> Panglao (Poblacion/San Agustin Church)–> Pier–> Balicasag/Virgin Island

From Tagbilaran, you can reach Panglao by land because it’s connected to the rest of Bohol by a bridge:

Via bus/jeep/multicab:

Go to Bohol Museum in Tagbilaran (tricycle fare from the airport is P20 per trip, travel time is 10 minutes). The terminal of Panglao-bound PUVs is just across the museum. Jeeps going to Panglao are available only till 5 PM, while buses stay until 6 PM. Multicabs are available till 7 PM. Fare from Tagbilaran to Panglao for any of these is P25, travel time is around 45 minutes (ask to be dropped off at the San Agustin Church. The pier is a short walk behind the church).

Via tricycle

Hail a trike anywhere in Tagbilaran (fare: P250-P300 one way, travel time is one excruciating hour). Obviously we don’t recommend this because you’re just going to waste a LOT of time.

If the vehicle you boarded happened to not pass by the San Agustin Church, ask to be dropped of at Poblacion instead (still in Panglao) and then have a habal-habal take you to the pier behind the church.

A local guy we met days earlier told us we could hop on a boat along with other passengers (presumably locals going to Balicasag) and pay P50 instead of hiring our own boat for about P2,500 (high season rates: P3,500). When we reached the pier, however, the boatmen said there was no such boat going to Balicasag that day (we’re not sure if the P50-ride is only available on weekdays, since we went there on a Saturday). But one of them offered to take us there for P100 each since he was going to fetch his guests who were staying in Balicasag anyway. On the way back, we ended up hitching on the same boat for the same price, this time along with the Chinese tourists. So for P400 in all, we managed to get to Balicasag and back with a sidetrip to Virgin Island. Pretty good deal, eh?

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Owen Ballesteros & Nikka Corsino are trigger-happy travelers from the Philippines. They both swear by the sharpness of Nikon and almost always carry a packet of instant coffee when traveling. Photography is their bread and butter, their passion, and sometimes the only thing that prevents them from killing each other. If you have offers of work, collaborations, or an endless supply of instant coffee, please drop them a message here.

  • doi

    napa wow ako sa ganda ng photos! i love your blog’s design too! ^_^

    • Two2Travel

      Maraming salamat Doi! :D

  • Lakbay Diva

    me too! i love the gayness and lightness! i love eating swaki raw or fried :P and your captcha is difficult! :P

    • Two2Travel

      Thank you Lakbay Diva! :) Swaki ba ay bisaya for sea urchin? :)

    • Lakbay Diva

      yep, swaki is bisaya for this type of sea urchin. the black one with a bitter meat is called tuyom. :D

    • Two2Travel

      Yep we remember the guys telling us kasi two Bisaya names pero nakalimutan namin. Swaki it is! Hehe thanks! Kelangan na talaga namin matuto mag-Bisaya. :P

  • Sky Summer

    Your blog design is really awesome and the pictures are fantastic! Pang postcard talaga!

    • Two2Travel

      Thank you, Sky Summer! Please do drop by again! :D

  • Jerome

    great photos and story guys! will follow you from now on! woot!!!

    • Two2Travel

      Big thanks, Jerome! We are honored! :)

  • Gabz | Pinoy Travel Freak

    This is what I missed on my first trip to Bohol. I really should go back soon! Jaw-dropping photos btw! I’m a fan! :-)

    • Two2Travel

      Hi Gabz, thanks! They say the island looks better during the summer kasi hindi masyado malumot unlike when we went there. We would love to go back too! :D

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  • brahmineyes

    what camera are you using?

    • Two2Travel

      Hi, we’re using Nikon. D600 & D90 :) Thanks for dropping by!

  • rohani cena

    Kaya ba tour country side tapos virgin island?

    • Two2Travel

      Hi Rohani, do you mean in one day? Probably not, sobrang nakakapagod na yun and you might not enjoy. Better to do countryside one day and then Virgin and Balicasag on a separate day.

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