Baguio Resto Roundup: Canto

Baguio Resto Roundup: Canto

Welcome to our Resto Roundup features! We love good food and we’re always on the lookout for great places to have them. But we are not gourmands, so we’ll keep things here nice and simple. Enjoy!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but thank God for ketchup.

It wasn’t until a year after Ketchup Food Community opened that we got to dine in one of its restaurants. And just like everyone who’s been here will tell you, we absolutely adore it (except maybe for one of the restaurant’s kabayo dishes? which were really in-your-face).

Our all-time favorite restaurant inside the Ketchup compound is Canto—the first one to your right when you enter the premises—because of one thing: lomo ribs.

Lomo Ribs / DSC_8543

Half a slab of lomo ribs, with really good salad and rice or mashed potato = P200. PERFECT. Whole slab (that’s two pieces) is at P300.

The lomo ribs are cooked spot-on and tender every single time (even for takeout orders, the meat is always perfect). Together with the salad and mash, it’s probably the best P200 you will ever spend on a single plate.

Whenever we are here, we never order two servings of this one because it is way too much. We order a different dish from another restaurant instead (usually it’s the yummy laksa from Rumah Sate, but that would be for another day).

Dining at Canto could be a bit difficult when it’s a long weekend (particularly in December!). It opens at noon, and unless you are there minutes before, seats will most likely fill up within the first five minutes. During the Christmas holidays it’s almost always impossible to arrive to an empty table waiting for you.

Service has also been consistently efficient, which is saying something since it is almost always packed, and their waiters still have to facilitate cross orders.

Their menu is also a bit lean (smart move). We’ve tried other items on their menu as well, and they did not disappoint either. But lomo ribs all the way!

These photos were the very first ones we’ve taken from 2012. We were most likely too hungry to take pictures on our subsequent visits.

Canto Burger / DSC_8549

Pizza / DSC_8546

Fries / DSC_8537

Ketchup Food Community
Romulo Drive, Baguio City (across Wright Park. Nope, you nearly cannot smell the horses)

Expect to spend: P500-P600 for two
Do not miss: Lomo Ribs

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