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Baguio Resto Roundup: Chaya

Welcome to our Resto Roundup features! We love good food and we’re always on the lookout for great places to have them. But we are not gourmands, so we’ll keep things here nice and simple. Enjoy!

Baguio Resto Roundup: Chaya

Chaya, Baguio

There are only a handful of restaurants serving Asian food in Baguio, and Chaya is one of them. It’s rather pricey by Baguio standards, so it’s not something we can go to on a whim, but the food has always been good each time we did. We didn’t get to try a lot of their dishes since we tend to order whatever’s good the last time (because it’s so pricey and we didn’t want to risk spending for something we wouldn’t like).

We’d say it’s perfect for special days. If you live in Manila and are in Baguio only once in a while, dining here each time is a good idea.

It is actually a house converted to a dining area, adding to the cozy Baguio ambience. It can get full fast on weekends, so making a reservation may be a good idea (the place is not exactly near other restaurants to save grumbling stomachs from too much trouble if it’s full-house). It’s not a big place, so it’s perfect for couples and small groups.

Some of our picks from the menu:

Cream Anmitsu (P130)
Sweetened red mongo and ice cream on top of cherry fruits
One of our favorite desserts ever. The homemade green tea ice cream is divine. Whoever said you cannot enjoy ice cream at such cold weather?

Chaya, Baguio City

By the way, the tiny scoop of green tea ice cream on the right (of both photos) come in complimentary at the end of each meal. But you have to try the anmitsu. Really.

Agedashi Tofu (P120)
Fried Japanese silk tofu served in Dashi Soup base
We’ve had better agedashi tofu elsewhere, but this one is not bad.

Chaya, Baguio City

Chaya, Baguio City

Chaya, Baguio City

Left: Beef Yakiniku (P250) – Thinly sliced sauteed beef served with salad and Ponzu sauce
Right: Gyoza (P160)

Chaya, Baguio City

Chaya, Baguio City

Chaya, Baguio

Chaya, Baguio

Mixed Tempura (P300)
tempura variety of shrimp, seafood and vegetables with green tea salt or Dashi sauce
The mixed tempura was definitely one of the best dishes we’ve tried at the restaurant. It looks a bit pathetic in photo but it is actually bigger and a lot more filling than it looks here.

Chaya, Baguio
Beef Sukiyaki (P300) – generous serving. We were able to share in this one, but if you’re hungry it wouldn’t stand.

72 Legarda Road, Baguio City
074 424 4726

Expect to spend: ~P1,000 for 2
Do not miss: Homemade Green Tea Ice Cream
Reservations: You can call if you absolutely have to dine on that day and it’s a weekend. Necessary if it’s a long weekend. Accompany with a prayer if it’s a weekend in December, because it’s almost always full.

You add P50 for rice and soup if you order from their a la carte menu;
Beers at P60;
San Miguel Draft Beer at P70;
Pot of hot tea at P100 (lemongrass, mint, lady gray, green);
Juices at P65, shakes at P90.

Sashimi starts at P250, variety good for 3-4 at P480;
Sushi good for 3-4 at P550;
Salads at ~P250, appetizers at ~P120, a la carte dishes at ~P250;



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  • cathlyntria

    OMG ginutom ako dito @_@

    At the same time parang nakakahinayang kainin sa ganda ng presentation ng food lol.

    Great photos as always B-)

    • Two2Travel

      Na-try niyo na dito ni Toto? Sobrang okay siya! Yun nga lang wag holidays kasi talagang punuan. :)

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