Balicasag’s different shades of blue

We love the blankets of blue, the patches of white, and the trickles of green in our beaches.

But even with similar white sand and clear waters everywhere we go, no two beaches will ever be the same. It’s always a different story, always a different shade of blue.

Balicasag Island, Bohol | Two2Travel

Our latest beach catch: Balicasag Island, Bohol

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We almost did not get on that boat to Balicasag. As we have mentioned in our previous post, we did not plan on forking out thousands for an island hopping trip. Habagat season also meant rough waves, so we figured the dolphins can wait ’till next summer.

And that Saturday morning when we set off for the pier certainly gave us more reasons not to: it had rained hard for a couple of minutes, and the skies certainly didn’t look too cheery for a 45-minute boat ride (let’s not even get started with the waves).

So even with a boatman who was willing to ferry us to the island for P100 each, we certainly felt like we were being made to choose between dying an unpleasant death or turning around disappointed (it certainly looked like this too several months ago in Palawan).

Guess we’d rather risk dying than feeling disappointed, ‘coz we hopped on the boat anyway (sorry moms and dads). But all’s gonna be well when you pray hard enough, because we did get to Balicasag alive (although the boat ride did scare the hell out of us). And as the day wore on, the weather became friendlier, the waters on one side becoming placid enough for snorkeling.

  • Sky Summer

    As usual stunning pictures! Love the jumpshot! :)

    • Two2Travel

      Thank you!!! We work really hard for the jumpshots, haha! :-)))

  • anney

    Ang ganda ng place! Beautiful shots!

    • Two2Travel

      Hey Anney! Salamat! You should visit too! :-)

  • Anonymous

    What type of -underwater Camera did you use? or is it a Dslr with a case? Beautiful shots by the way! :)

    • Two2Travel

      Thanks! Just DSLR with a case. :)

  • honeylane palero

    can i ask if how much did spend for your meal?

    • Two2Travel

      Hi Honeylane, I think it’s P500 for us three (Owen and I and our guide). :)

  • Riza Ann


    magkano po yung boat rental niyo? Yiiieeeeee! ang ganda ng shots! Too bad digicam lang ang meron ako. Hindi pa underwater kaya walang pag-asa na makakuha ng pics kapag pumunta kami :((

    • Two2Travel

      Hi Riza Ann, we didn’t charter a boat because that was too expensive for 2 people. We hitched a ride with one of the boatmen at the port near the Panglao Church (this is farther away from Alona Beach) and he agreed to take us for P100 per person per way, so overall P400 for the two of us. You can try asking around for a public banca going to Balicasag in that area because I think there is, it’s just that we weren’t very lucky when we went. ~Nikka

  • Lakbay Diva

    you got to balicasag for a hundred bucks only? i should be ashamed as a boholano hahahaha…

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  • manilacitizen

    Your photos are superb, as always

    • Two2Travel

      Hey thank you so much!!! :D

  • theclothesmuse

    Everything I need is in all of your posts. Sana sing-swerte ko kayo when I go there. :) And excellent photos! You should go for the annual NatGeo contest!

    • Two2Travel

      Haha thanks ate! Eto pala yung number ng guide namin dati, taga-Balicasag siya. Randy – 09292512967. Baka lang kailanganin mo. :)