Table for Two: Iloilo

If there’s one thing we love about Iloilo, it’s the food. And if there’s anything better than the food, it’s the price.

Eating out in Iloilo means dining in well-loved homegrown restaurants and hole-in-the-wall eating places, all of which give you bang for your buck. Fresh, cheap seafood; hearty bowls of batchoy, and below-zero beer with live jazz music—the only thing better than all these is experiencing them during the Dinagyang, the BEST festival we’ve seen YET.


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A walk through some of Iloilo’s churches

We didn’t know we were going on a Visita Iglesia in Iloilo back in January when we went there for the Dinagyang. Having arrived days before Dinagyang weekend, we were toured along the northern and southern outskirts of Iloilo City, passing by endless tracts of farmland on one day and coastal villages on the other.

An even more welcome surprise was Iloilo’s architectural abundance, from the Spanish-era houses along Jaro and the Chinese structures along Molo district, to centuries-old churches not an hour from the city.
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Snapshot: The giant speakers of Iloilo

We saw this for the first time in 2011 during the Dinagyang: flocks of men standing in front of stacks of speakers, staring as if in a trance, and doing absolutely nothing else. You couldn’t help but notice since the speakers were giving off such loud sounds you just had to cover your ears, but these men–with some just an inch away from these black boxes–were unblinkingly staring at them.

Snapshot: The giant speakers of Iloilo

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