Travel Tools: Pudding Cam (& other photography apps we love)

It’s fun not to be controlling multiple knobs from a bulky camera once in a while, when all you’re ever going to do is point the screen to your subject and tap the shutter.

But far from being a no-brainer, the likes of Instagram are the nearest we could get to toy film camera effects, something we haven’t tried yet (films + printing are expensive).

TWO2TRAVEL | Vigan | Mobile

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Photographing Philippine fiestas

Last year, we made it our mission to see as many festivals around the country as we can. Thankfully, we were able to get on a couple of trips, even if it meant squeezing our pockets dry (and this has been the story of our lives ever since).

Photographing Philippine Festivals | Two2Travel

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No such thing as language barrier with kids

One of the reasons our trip to Bohol had been extra special—and certainly one of the best times we’ve had—was that we were able to see more of the places we normally didn’t in our first few trips. Admittedly, being in a new place, especially one that doesn’t consider Tagalog its native tongue, needs some getting used to (we love the Visayas, and we certainly feel more and more compelled to learn to speak or at least understand basic Bisaya).

TWO2TRAVEL | Bohol | Portraits

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