Postcard: Back from Saigon

Lady on the street of Saigon, Vietnam by Owen Ballesteros

We had a day in Vietnam after almost two weeks in Cambodia, and what can we say, Ho Chi Minh really is on a league of its own. But for all its chaos, this city does have its quiet moments.

For now, we’re finally back home after 16 hours on the road. We’ll be back with more stories and photos soon!

<3 Owen & Nikka Photo © Owen Ballesteros

Basco Port, Basco, Batanes

Basco Port, Basco, Batanes © Owen Ballesteros

The port of Basco in Batanes is not just any other docking area. For the northernmost province of the Philippines, this means supplies—eggs, cement, rice—from mainland Luzon, traveling days along turbulent seas to get there. This means a whole lot more to Itbayat, a community of 3,000 living three more hours from the port, the northernmost habitation in the country: it is their only reliable and affordable channel to the rest of the world.

Photo by Owen Ballesteros

Postcards from Vigan

Horse-drawn carriages clip-clopping on cobblestone streets past Spanish-era houses called bahay na bato — there are only a few places in the Philippines as nostalgic as Vigan. The city, a World Heritage Site, is “an exceptionally intact and well preserved example of a European trading town in East and Southeast Asia,” according to UNESCO.
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POSTCARDS: Diniwid Beach, Boracay

TWO2TRAVEL | Diniwid Beach, Boracay

On the other side of White Beach in Boracay Island is Diniwid Beach, whose sand is just as fine and white but whose turquoise waters and jagged rock formations make for a unique beach experience altogether. With thinner crowds and less establishments, Diniwid Beach gives you peace and quiet—save of course for the crashing of wave against rock—a sound that lasts all day, every day.

POSTCARDS: The sun sets over Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

Dumaguete, Negros Oriental sunset |

There are mountains to trek, waterfalls to see, dive sites to explore, and a breezy tree-lined boulevard that’s perfect for after-school siesta–that is, if you’re one of the many students who call this university town home.

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