TWO2TRAVEL: Puerto Galera, Philippines

A different kind of diving

TWO2TRAVEL: Batangas, Philippines

TWO2TRAVEL: Batangas, Philippines

TWO2TRAVEL: Batangas, Philippines

There are certain lessons traveling teaches very well—like happiness, trust, and discipline. There are also moments that challenge everything we have previously known, even on matters such as abundance and helping those who have so little. And it is through these moments that we really go back home with more than we have been capable of giving in the first place, courtesy of those nameless, smiling faces we see on the road, or sometimes, on bancas, diving deep for coins.


Owen Ballesteros & Nikka Corsino are trigger-happy travelers from the Philippines. They both swear by the sharpness of Nikon and almost always carry a packet of instant coffee when traveling. Photography is their bread and butter, their passion, and sometimes the only thing that prevents them from killing each other. If you have offers of work, collaborations, or an endless supply of instant coffee, please drop them a message here.

  • Two2Travel

    :) agree. The way they move around/in the waters though—it’s amazing.

  • Filipina Explorer

    So so true. Stay grounded as you are, Owen and Nikka. The world needs more travel bloggers like you.

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