Dakong Amihan: Finding what’s not yet lost in Boracay

“The sand, just wow. I’ve never seen anything like it,” she exclaimed.

We were by the garden having dinner—chicken tinola which Owen had cooked—and Ms. Grace, the owner of the house, was telling us about the first time she had seen White Beach—then unnamed and uninhabited—on this island the whole world now knows as Boracay.

“We were just passing by, and then we saw this long strip of sand that looked as white as paper. The coconut trees were all green, and the water was so clear!”

Diniwid Beach, Boracay, Philippines - by www.Two2Travel.com
We were on our last night after a week-long stay in August, and we’ve had many of these conversations, for sure. She would tell us all about their dive trips around the island—how she saw, on her first deep dive, three thresher sharks (yes, in Boracay waters!); how they would all swim drunk from one end of the beach to the other and sleep on the sand; how they would all sit on the beach, form a long line, and pass along a joint; and how they would drink beer through their regulator(!)

DSC_3707Dinner with Grace’s family over copious amounts of alcohol, the typical Boracay welcome and send-off
All these stories over dinner made our stays in Boracay much more enjoyable than our first few. Grace’s home—which we also called ours for a few days in June, and for a week in August—made as much difference.


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Apart from being her family’s home on the island, Dakong Amihan also serves as a four-bedroom bed-and-breakfast. It’s done in the Spanish colonial architecture style, has a spacious garden, and sits on a densely forested, hilly area opposite the Main Road at Station 2. The house looks classy inside and out.

Dakong Amihan, Boracay - Two2Travel.com


Dakong Amihan is a short walk up a narrow road opposite D’Talipapa at Station 2. It’s not beachfront, no, but it’s convenient as convenient can be.

Everything is easy to reach, either by foot or by tricycle. When we’re hungry, we just head down to D’Talipapa to eat, or else hail a trike to either direction. But since the house is well away from the main road, it’s protected from all the noise as well.

Dakong Amihan, Boracay - Two2Travel.com


The house has a rustic, vintage look, but the rooms are not at all creepy (as you would expect from spaces of the same design). We find it particularly airy because of the huge windows (all rooms face the west and have a view of the sky. It gets really pretty when the sunset is nice, although from there, you can’t really see the whole of it).

Dakong Amihan, Boracay - Two2Travel.com
Dakong Amihan, Boracay - Two2Travel.com
Dakong Amihan, Boracay - Two2Travel.com
Dakong Amihan, Boracay - Two2Travel.com
Dakong Amihan, Boracay - Two2Travel.com


There’s a fully equipped kitchen and living area for guests’ use, as well as a billiard table and a spacious garden right outside. We love breakfasts right by the garden, especially on a sunny morning!

Dakong Amihan, Boracay - Two2Travel.com
Dakong Amihan, Boracay - Two2Travel.com


Speaking of breakfast—which is included in the room rate— Grace made sure we were very well fed before heading out. Seriously. She told us it was continental breakfast but they cooked up a storm every morning. Just awesome.

Dakong Amihan, Boracay - Two2Travel.com
What else can we say, we had a very comfortable stay, we met great friends, and we realized that the island everyone has fallen in love with is still right there, in the sun-kissed people who call it home.

This is not a sponsored post. If you want to get in touch with them, please email amihan.asia(at)gmail.com.

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  • http://www.walkflypinoy.com paul | walkflypinoy

    Wow. A deserted Boracay where you’d camp in, get drunk, and pass a joint. Now that’s a Boracay that I’d definitely go to. (Sans doing the joint, of course. Ha.)

    • http://www.two2travel.com/ Two2Travel

      The way the locals talk about how Boracay was during their time—it’s fascinating! If there’s one thing Boracay has a lot of, it’s stories from these people. Definitely worth going back for!

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  • Fei Santos Duatin

    Do they have website? where can we check their room rates? thanks for the post.. :)

    • http://www.two2travel.com/ Two2Travel

      Hi Fei, I think it’s best to send them an email to ask for their updated rates :)