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Moody Bacuit Bay: El Nido, Palawan Timelapse

Of the six full days we were in El Nido, we had only one—yes, one—sunny day. And that was Friday the 13th.

We’ve been carelessly optimistic about this trip, having been reassured countless times that heavy rains do not usually plague this part of the country. Not Palawan, a dreamy island forever sun-kissed. And definitely not El Nido, the dreamiest of them all.

el nido palawan


The rain would lash at us at the most unexpected time. It would pour just when a rainbow has peeked from behind one of the big taraws. It would be like this for days on end, alternating between cloudy skies and rain showers, so we did the only thing we thought could give all this moody weather justice: document it, to remind us that El Nido, for now, is an unfinished business.

We will be back.

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines from Two2Travel on Vimeo.
Bacuit Bay & El Nido town, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines – Time Lapse by | Nikon D600 | Nikkor 16-35mm | Nikkor 50mm | Music: Ebudae by Enya


Owen Ballesteros & Nikka Corsino are trigger-happy travelers from the Philippines. They both swear by the sharpness of Nikon and almost always carry a packet of instant coffee when traveling. Photography is their bread and butter, their passion, and sometimes the only thing that prevents them from killing each other. If you have offers of work, collaborations, or an endless supply of instant coffee, please drop them a message here.

  • paul | walkflypinoy

    I effing love this! Wow! Haha. Great job, you guys.

    • Two2Travel

      Haha thanks Paul! We could have done with one more day of sunlight though. Hehe.

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