Ode to the cold

TWO2TRAVEL: Baguio City

Just how cold is it in Baguio at this time of the year?

One, fingers numb within five seconds of direct contact with tap water.
Two (also related to one), taking a bath takes a back seat—for a day for some, indefinitely for most.
Three (also related to one), washing the dishes is such a pain in the arse.
Four, people living in Baguio actually start wearing jackets.
Five, people visiting from the lowlands end up buying extra scarves and those Baguio City bonnets because they didn’t anticipate the cold (duh, you thought one jacket would be enough?!).
Six, your cup of coffee gets stone cold if left idle for five minutes; three if you take it outdoors.
Seven, there’s your warm bed, and there’s the rest of the cold, cruel world, starting with your floor tiles.
Eight, there’s also the matter of the toilet seat?
Nine, 8 AM is the new 5 AM, which means you still have at least two hours to go before you have to start thinking about trying to wake up.
Ten, your brain shuts off all activity when it gets too cold and tends not to finish writing senten

Baguio City

  • pinaytraveljunkie.com

    Brrrr! I so feel you! We were living in Baguio two years ago when the temp plunged to nine-point-something. Hubby, who hates the cold, wasn’t happy for weeks!

    • http://www.two2travel.com/ Two2Travel

      Last night was supposedly 7 degrees! :(((

  • http://www.two2travel.com/ Two2Travel

    :) Thanks. Baguio is relatively safe naman, I think. A lot safer pa nga than Manila. Hehe. Just secure your belongings when going to public places, like the market.