Tips for your trips: Oslob, Cebu

The town of Oslob straddles the open sea and the mountains of Cebu. The way to this seaside town is photogenic, especially in the early morning.

Whalesharks of Oslob, Cebu | Photos by
Apart from the whalesharks of Tan-awan, the Tumalog Falls and the Heritage Park are also usual stops. These three can be done in a single day, putting the whaleshark watching first, which takes just 30 minutes unless you give it another go and pay again, before the inland tour, which may take up another two or three hours of your time.


Getting to Oslob

Your route: Your location >> South Bus Terminal, Cebu City >> Oslob
  • Go to the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City, which is ~30 minutes from the Mactan airport (~P300), then hop on an Oslob-bound bus (~P150, 3 hours).
  • If you want to go whaleshark watching straight away, ask to be dropped off at Bgy. Tan-awan, which is conveniently along the highway.
  • We recommend taking the earliest trip, around 4:30 AM, to bypass the early morning traffic getting out of the city. Cebu has terrible traffic conditions you would want to steer clear of.
  • Oslob = one highway and its two sides. There’s no “going around town” to speak of. You can rent a habal-habal to take you to the tourist spots, such as Tumalog Falls and the heritage area.

Whaleshark watching


The whalesharks have been Oslob’s ticket to tourism of late. The town’s fisherfolk feed these giants with krill to keep them in the area, a practice that is seen as ultimately harmful to these creatures. Read more about this experience here.

Update, as of February 2016:
We have been unable to update this blog often since 2015. But we’d like to drop this quick note to our readers who are planning to go to Oslob: we had the opportunity to visit Oslob and do the whaleshark watching again in May 2015, but our experience was markedly different from the first one we had in 2013. While we were able to freely swim around the waters the first time, this last visit had us simply clinging to the rig of our small boat, waiting for the whaleshark to pass by our boat. It was not as pleasant an experience as we had the first time, and something we feel is not worth recommending to others.

Tumalog Falls

Tumalog Falls is a quick drive uphill, but one you’re not advised to do yourself. Hire a habal-habal driver to do it instead, so you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the sea and nearby Sumilon Island. From there, walk the remaining distance to the falls (~5 minutes). Read more about Tumalog Falls here.


Habal-habal ride: P120 each, roundtrip
Entrance fee to Tumalog Falls: P20 each

  • Oslob Whale Sharks

    You should also visit cuartel and old Oslob church.

    • Two2Travel

      Hope to visit those places when we go to Oslob another time. Thanks for the tip!

  • Angga

    Hello :) thank you so much for the information. But I have a bit confusion here, how much is the cost of shark watching? is it 1500P or 1000P?

    • Two2Travel

      Hi, it’s 500 pesos each if you’re Pinoy and you want to get on the water and swim with them. The P1000 we listed under expenses reflect the cost for two people :) If you just want to stay on the boat, you pay 300 each instead. If you’re a foreigner, you pay 1,500.

  • Aida Adeline Villanueva

    We’re planning to go Oslob next week. Thanks for this useful tip. Im also a first time traveler to Cebu.

    • Two2Travel

      Welcome! Do try to go on a weekday and as early as you can (8 AM?), coz it’s Sinulog week when you visit! :) Enjoy!

  • Dante Funda

    Do you know the rates per night at MB sunrise view resort?

    • Two2Travel

      Hi Dante, thanks for visiting the blog. We didn’t get to check their overnight rates, but if you do get to Tan-Awan, it’s quite easy to hop from one resort to another because most of them are along the same line. Enjoy your Oslob trip!

  • webblineph

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing ;)

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  • King Freddie Villacampa II

    Great! thank you for the tips!

    • Two2Travel

      :) Glad to help!

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  • L.A.

    Is this open during holidays? Is there a place to stay near the site like hotel/bugetel/etc?

    • Two2Travel

      Hi LA, yes whaleshark interaction is everyday. We expect is many times more crowded on holidays. There are resorts along the highway near where you do the whaleshark interaction.

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  • Matt-Tinik

    Um Hi L.A. I would just like to butt in on your question, yes, they’re open even on Holidays. Yes, there are resorts just 5 minutes away from the whale watching site. I recommend Sunrise View Resort and Aaron’s Resort. Staff are really helpful and friendly. There are fan rooms for budget travelers and resorts are standing there side by side so you’ll have many choices. But like most backpackers, foreigners usually go with other solo backpackers and share on the room expense if all solo rooms or dorm rooms are taken already.

    I have some pictures here of the resort we stayed at, if the blog admin would permit me to share:

    Thanks and more power.

  • cathlyntria

    I got crazy a couple of weeks ago and booked MNL-Dumaguete x CEB-MNL tickets thinking that I could squeeze in Dumaguete, Siquijor, Apo Island, Oslob and Moalboal in JUST 4 days. Yep, delusional. Haha. Been visiting your posts about these places and I just.cannot.choose which ones to scratch off my list. :( Your photos are all so breathtaking and looking at them almost everyday makes the decision all the more difficult :|

    • Two2Travel

      Get new CEB-MNL tickets! hehe. We haven’t been to Siquijor yet BUT it’s highly recommended. You can do Apo Island on a daytrip, proceed to Siquijor for the night then spend one day there. Tapos Oslob ka na lang (half day okay na sa Oslob – daanan mo lang ito talaga. Dont stay there. You won’t like the so-called resorts). If kayang ipush to Moalboal, spend the night there. Warning lang, makati tubig sa Panagsama Beach sa Moalboal, but you can stay at the White Beach area. Suit up if you can (seryoso ito — red spots on my legs for 2 weeks; they faded away after one month pa). BUT the sardines you have to see. And Pescador Island too. I think you can skip Dumaguete City altogether. The turtles, whalesharks, and sardines cannot wait! hehe. Enjoy you two! :)

      • cathlyntria

        Okay, well noted! :D We don’t really plan on touring Dumaguete City (hayok lang sa tubig!) kaya lang baka kelangan mag-checkin ganyan.

        Btw, do we have to learn how to dive as in with certification kyeme to see the sardines in Moalboal?

        I cannot wait na talaga hindi na ako makapag-trabaho kakatingin ng pictures! HAHA!

  • Rhocela P

    Your post is the best I’ve read so far. Concise yet very informative. Thanks a lot for sharing!

    • Two2Travel

      Glad to help! Enjoy your trip!

  • Dana Soleil Dela Cruz

    hello :) We’re planning to visit Oslob this coming January, How much is the cost if want to get on the water and swim with them (whalesharks)? Regarding the boat? How much is the updated price ? We’re staying in Cebu January 17 up to 22..What date can you suggest if we will visit Oslob?

  • Ayana Jimenez

    Heya! Got some good info from your Oslob trip & digging your photography. Mind me asking what camera you used? Also (if it’s fine) – photo editor? :) Thanks!

  • Danette Tashana Lou Borongan

    Hi! What dive resort were you into?

  • derlyn acotanza

    is it possible to go with me my 4 years old daughter?is it child friendly environment?or u recommend not to go there with a child?

  • derlyn acotanza

    i like it how you put the expenses on the tips, it helps a lot…it make people like me inspired to travel and do adventure with a low cost.


    Hi, Nikka and Owen!
    Big thanks for the reply, and I will never forget your kindness.
    I am looking forward to going along the exactly same route that you two had, and wish I could experience and share your memories throughout the journey.

  • Lovi

    Nice blog! Very helpful :) We arr also planning do that whale shark! do you know where we can stay overnight at oslob? Thank you.

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  • alex matic

    we’re planning to have a Bohol-Cebu trip this September. We only have a one and a half day in Cebu but we really wanted to have an Oslob-Tumalog falls adventure, our evening flight to Manila is 8.45pm. Do you think it is possible? Thank you! :)

    • cookie

      hi alex! what time you will reach Cebu from Bohol? let’s say you will reach in the afternoon, i suggest you go straight to South Bus terminal and head to Oslob. Rent a room for overnight (which it doesnt cost that much) rest..and start your day with Oslob sunrise and adventure with the whale sharks.. after such, visit the tumalog falls..then maybe after lunch, take a bus and head back to the city.


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  • Angel J. Axson

    We will be staying in Cebu for 3 days and our main attraction is whale shark diving. Do you thing its best to book a hotel in Oslob or Cebu city? Which is more convenient