POSTCARDS: Bangui Windmills, Ilocos Norte

Bangui, a coastal town in Ilocos Norte, Philippines, is home to a wind farm on its western coastline facing the West Philippine Sea. Twenty 70-meter gigantic wind turbines occupy about nine kilometers of shoreline, turning it into one of Ilocos’ most distinguished structures and tourist draws.

Bangui windmills, Ilocos Norte, Philippines |

Souvenir shops line the shore, selling miniature windmills, keychains, and other trinkets. There are also a handful of cafes for those who want to linger. The wind farm is accessible via a five-minute drive inland from the National Highway, about an hour north of Ilocos Norte’s capital Laoag City. For those who are commuting, tricycles are available for hire just outside the entrance (roundtrip costs roughly P200 or USD 4).

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