POSTCARDS: Biking along Laoag, Ilocos Norte

A man pedals his way along Laoag City’s streets in Ilocos Norte province, 12 hours north of the Philippine capital Manila. The Ilocos region is home to well preserved Spanish-era structures (or else refurbished to resemble such).

Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

One of these is the Museo Ilocos Norte, shown in the photo, located just across the provincial capitol at the city proper. The museum houses artifacts from the region, and is a stone’s throw from other spots: the Dap-Ayan ti Ilocos Norte, a hawker-style area where one can sample Ilocano fare such as the empanada and bagnet; the Tobacco Monopoly monument; and the La Tabacalera, which houses, among others, the Johnny Moon Cafe, a modernist cafe in tribute to Juan Luna, one of the Philippines’ renowned artists who is from Ilocos.

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