POSTCARDS: Diving in Apo Island, Dauin, Negros Oriental

We’ve been here in Apo Island since yesterday, and there has been no shortage of amazing sights since. But this one—taken this afternoon during our second dive at Rock’s Point—has got to be THE BEST of them all.

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Our dive master Jed spotted this enormous sea turtle sitting on soft coral at a depth of about 10 meters, keeping the three of us busy for the next five minutes. We’ve done two dives today and saw a total of six turtles in all, plus three more yesterday when we were snorkeling. Forgive us for gushing too much but Apo Island is just SO AMAZING!

Btw this is a screenshot from a video taken with the equally amazing GoPro Hero 3. Loving this powerhouse so far! So glad we got it just in time for our year’s first dive. :)

Here’s a rough cut of our two dives at Chapel’s Point & West Rock Point:

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  • diytrippers

    cool pic! this post inspired me to go to Apo Island.

    • Two2Travel

      Thanks! It’s a cool place. :)

  • Ellen

    nice post!!! dito ko ung nagdive after macertify as OW diver hihihi

    • Two2Travel

      Awesome! Sobrang ganda talaga ng makikita mo dun. =)

      • Ellen

        Totoo at sobrang dami!

        • Two2Travel

          Agree! Sadly though the other side of the island was closed. & we will have to wait years before it reopens so corals will grow back. Sayang, but still, Apo Island remains one of the best underwater destinations na napuntahan namin.

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  • theclothesmuse

    Do they offer introductory dives dito? Or maybe I’ll just get one sa summer before we go to Dumaguete..

    • Two2Travel

      We think so ate, but in Balicasag, there’s only one dive resort there. At Alona Beach mas marami. Although Dumaguete maganda rin for intro dives, baka mas maenjoy mo pa dun. Try mo sa Liquid Dumaguete or kay Harold’s, both are known dive operators there. Good luck! You’ll love Apo Island!!! :)