POSTCARDS: Intramuros by foot with Carlos Celdran

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We bumped into one of Carlos Celdran’s walking tour groups one weekend in Intramuros in September. We were on our way out of Fort Santiago then, having toured the place on our own earlier, and their group was just starting theirs.

Nevertheless, we were able to catch snippets of how he talked about historical events with his audience. It was funny and fascinating at the same time, definitely a refreshing break from the usual tourist guide drone. We lingered for a couple of minutes to listen; we would have wanted to walk alongside them, but since we did not pay for the tour, we resolved to get on one in the future. If you wanna join Celdran’s Walk this Way tours, read this.

Carlos Celdran was once imprisoned for brandishing a DAMASO sign in the middle of a mass at the Manila Cathedral. Read more here.

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