Postcards: Mayon Volcano, Albay, Philippines

TWO2TRAVEL | Bicol | Cagsawa Ruins

Twice I felt so frustrated going all the way south to Bicol only to see Mayon Volcano covered in thick clouds. But it wasn’t the case this third time. Mayon showing its beauty to us from the window seat of our plane to Legazpi was a good omen for the rest of the trip—everything fell into place at the right time, from the food to the beaches to the whaleshark and to everything else in between. This photo was taken on our last day on our last stop at Cagsawa Ruins just outside Legazpi, and it’s the best one I have of Mayon throughout the six days we were there. For such a wonderful trip, this was the icing on the cake!

  • Sole of Missy

    Huwaw! Your capture is very impressive! o.O

    • Two2Travel

      Thanks Missy! Was in Bicol only last week. Can’t believe our timing considering yesterday’s eruption. Thanks for dropping by! ~Nikka

  • Roaming Couple

    same here. when we were there i jokingly called it “Mt. Ulap”. until now, we haven’t posted our Cagsawa Ruins experience. nakakadugyot din yung going around the Legaspi urban area lol :)

    • Two2Travel

      Legazpi was a bit humid, no? But we like how well connected everything is in Bicol. =)