Postcards: Redang Island, Malaysia


This spot on Redang Island, Malaysia brings back that feeling of wonderment I have always associated with travel, especially in this trip, which was my first one overseas two years ago. I was there for a travel assignment, so I felt doubly lucky, doubly overwhelmed at each turn I made, each new place I set foot on every other day for eight days. Heck, I even mustered to wake up early enough for three consecutive days because I wanted to shoot the sunrise.That was how travel has affected me then, and I’d like to think nothing has changed. It is also what travel continues to do to countless others who explore new lands, see new sunrises and sunsets, swim on new waters, meet new friends. It’s all new, all beautiful, all good.I hope travel has that effect on you too.

  • ava

    Hi Nikka, thought to let you know that your photos are really stunning. You don’t even need words, the images are enough to take your readers to places :)

    • Two2Travel

      Hey Ava, thank you for your kind words. :) Happy & safe travels to you always! ~nikka

  • Christine Gapuz

    You are lucky to have gone there for “work”! :)

    • Two2Travel

      Yes ate, super lucky! ;) ~nikka

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