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POSTCARDS: Same old brand new Burnham Park

Burnham Park, February 28, 2013

It’s nice to take a walk around Burnham Park once in a while, more so these days since Baguio is still abuzz with activity following the Panagbenga weekend parades.

Burnham Lake has reopened after some long-overdue facelift work, and the whole of Burnham Park looks really neat and pretty with all the nicely maintained lawns, flower beds, and hedges.

For those thinking of catching up with the rest of the festivities, Session Road in Bloom is open till Sunday, and fireworks will follow that same night.

In the past years, there have been as many as seven simultaneous fireworks displays to close the festival. We’re not entirely sure if it’s going to be like that this year, but it’s worth going out (or looking out the window) for anyway. Melvin Jones Grandstand just across the lake is a great vantage point.



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