Luke Landrigan surfing in San Juan, La Union / ©Owen Ballesteros/

POSTCARDS: Sunset surf in San Juan, La Union

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Pro surfer Luke Landrigan rips the waves as the sun sets at Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union. Notice the prominent POKS FOREVER BROTHER print on Landrigan’s board—Poks Esquivel, a good friend of Landrigan, was the one-legged surfer who passed away earlier this year due to a heart attack.

Earlier on the same day—photo was taken December 12, 2012—Landrigan and his co-surf instructors at the San Juan Surf School taught special kids how to surf. Here’s a photo from that activity (more to come in the coming days). To read more about Poks, read this very well written article on Surfer’s Village.

Thank you to Elaine Abonal of Surfista Travels and Luke Landrigan of the San Juan Surf School for allowing us to cover the event.

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