River trekking in Cebu

The things we do for work.

I was thinking along those lines as I jumped from pebble to rock to boulder and back in Cebu, lugging two cameras, two lenses, a tripod, a flash, and my phone. A river was raging down below, the waters taking my wits away. I was doing this for an assignment but I didn’t have an inkling about what river trekking was, and how really stupid it was to be carrying as much as I did.


It had been fun in hindsight though, and funny too, since I slipped on the way back, banged my head and hips against the boulders, and I had to be pulled from the waters by one of our guides.

River Trekking in Cebu | Two2Travel

River Trekking in Cebu | Two2Travel

River Trekking in Cebu | Two2Travel

River Trekking in Cebu | Two2Travel


River Trekking in Cebu | Two2Travel

River Trekking in Cebu | Two2Travel

Would I go for it again? Probably, so long as I’m sure there’s at least one to pull me out of the waters again.


Location: Masaba River, Sitio Masaba, Barangay Tagba-o, Cebu City
We trekked with Adventyurista Concepts & Services
Tel. No.: +63 929 777 9574 /
+63 922 825 5332
Email: adventyurista@yahoo.com
Website: www.adventyurista.tk

  • http://www.lakbaydiva.com/ Lakbay Diva

    hahaha, we have the same predicament. when i trek rivers or spelunk, i risk my life taking photos :P

    i love those tips!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00779572056259030202 Two2Travel

      The things we do for photos! haha thanks Lakbay Diva! Love your adventures too! :) ~nikka

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  • http://www.two2travel.com/ Two2Travel

    Hi Fritz,

    I’m not sure about DIY transportation to the area because when we went there, everything was already arranged for us. We went with Adventyurista Cebu (https://www.facebook.com/adventyurista). You may contact them to know more. :)


    • Fritz

      Hi Nikka,

      Thank you for the feedback.

      May I know some info about the place. Is there a mini water falls in the location or just a river? Do you think the place is good for camping, because we’re planning for an overnight outdoor activity this coming April :)



      • http://www.two2travel.com/ Two2Travel

        There was a small waterfall at the end of our trek, but if I remember it right, there’s an even bigger one if we went on but it would be too difficult for newbies like us. The trekking area is basically on the river—you have to step/climb/hop on from rock to rock, and there’s hardly any flat space along the way for camping. However, the start of the trail—where the bridge is located—is quite spacious & flat but littered with pebbles. I’m not sure if that’s suitable for camping. Best to also ask those at Adventyurista to find out. :) Good luck and enjoy your trip!