No fly, no problem: Air travel alternatives in the Philippines

Planes can sometimes be a messy affair. They’re darn expensive when you don’t book 10 years in advance, and they can leave you just like that if you’re not there when they’re ready to fly. But then they can hold you off for two hours or 24 hours at the slightest technical glitch. It’s an unfair world of flying, we know.


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No need to fly to famous Boracay

Flying can be very expensive, not to mention inflexible. Unless you’re swimming in cash, you don’t—and can’t—usually take on spontaneous trips somewhere far.

These are the two voids in the traveling world that sailing wants to fill. Overnight or multi-day ships aren’t exactly new to the local market, it being the preferred mode of transport to the Visayas and Mindanao because it’s the cheapest direct route.

But tourist-class accommodations is what’s new about all these—something that takes after cruise liners—aiming at the tourist market.

This is exactly what I tried when I was invited by 2Go Travel to sail from Batangas to Caticlan for a trip to Antique. As you know, Caticlan is the gateway to Boracay Island in Aklan.


The trip would take overnight, departing at 8 PM and arriving at 5 AM the next day.

Accommodation classes (according to price):
Stateroom (AC) – fits two people in a double bed
Cabin (AC) – fits four people into 2 bunk beds
Tourist (AC) – passenger occupies a bunk inside a big Tourist Class hall
Super Value Class (non-AC) – same as the Tourist Class, but without AC, and occupies a separate hall

Our cabin for the trip. This room has a TV, toilet & bath, and lifejackets

If you’re seasick, you know what to do before you sail. In any case, seasickness tablets should be available on request onboard.

The Tourist Class hall

Common spaces


A mezzanine lounge overlooking the lobby


Batangas-Caticlan | 2GO Travel
The upper deck has an entertainment and lounge area

Batangas-Caticlan | 2GO Travel

Arriving at Caticlan early morning the next day. From here, you can ride a boat on the same port to Boracay Island