Baguio on a budget

Ah, Panagbenga. The last time we were on the streets of Baguio for the festival was 2011—we skipped last year’s and one of us got a tattoo out of boredom instead—but we’re thinking of staying in this weekend and seeing our beloved cold city stage a festival again.

Two2Travel | Baguio on a budget
Anybody who’s ever had the chance to live in Baguio will tell you it is cheap here. Of course—it’s a university town. For those who don’t have a lot to spare, Baguio can ably give you that warm and fuzzy feeling you thought only fat bank accounts can give. Seriously.

Going up this weekend? Skip the mall(s). Go around by foot if you can. Jacket not necessary.
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POSTCARDS: Cream Anmitsu, Chaya, Baguio


Sending you fresh, creamy, healthy Baguio goodness with Chaya’s Cream Anmitsu, a bowl of green tea and vanilla ice cream glazed with sugar syrup sitting on top of fresh fruits.
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POSTCARDS: Fog and rain at the Baguio Cathedral

Two2travel | POSTCARDS | Baguio

I took this photo more than a year ago on a cold and foggy October day in Baguio. Although most areas in Baguio do not get flooded because of the elevation (an exception is City Camp Lagoon), we still have to battle with the chill that comes with heavy rains, making it almost impossible to get out of the house, let alone move around.

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