London’s Best Green Spaces

Spring is on its way, and in order to get through the misery of the storms and the current chilly weather, it’s nice to look forward to days spent in the sunshine outside. Why not start planning a trip somewhere over the Easter period to enjoy new scenery and the great outdoors when the temperature warms up a little and you can shed a few layers exploring new places? London might not be your first thought when considering green areas, but, in fact, it has some of the best parks in the country, with lots to explore and the city right there if you tire of grass and trees. Here are some of the best green spaces in London:
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Orlando for Adrenaline Junkies

A holiday for some means relaxing by a pool or on a beach without having to think about anything for the duration of their break. They go home refreshed, de-stressed and relaxed. For others, however, no holiday is complete without a large dose of adrenaline, and thrill-seeking is the name of the game when on holiday. If this is you, then Orlando is a great place to visit, as it is theme park central. Take a look at the Co-operative Travel holidays to Florida and decide which of these hair-raising rides you’ll experience first.
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Honeymoon in Barbados

Barbados is tailor made for honeymooners. If it’s romance and relaxation you want, then look no further. Alternatively if you want to up the pace a little, you won’t be disappointed. Barbados boasts beautiful white sandy beaches, coral reefs, stunning sunsets and luxury accommodation. With its British colonial heritage and vibrant Bajan culture, it’s a melting pot of Caribbean and British flavour. Flights to Barbados are regular and good value (see for some real bargains) which means you have more room in your budget to spoil yourselves once you get there.

With its history, Barbados does of course have some stunning architecture to be seen throughout the island. There are deserted beaches on which to relax and soak up the Bajan sun, along with some of the most luxurious hotels and romantic restaurants in the Caribbean. For those who prefer to be a little more active there’s golf, hiking, snorkelling, fishing, scuba diving and horse riding, plus a long list of excursions to suit every taste. These are some of our favourites:
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Where Will 2013 Take You?

NOTE: This is a guest post

Ah, holidays. It’s the annual escape that we look forward to all year, when all that saving, working and scrimping finally pays off and we can reward ourselves with a week or two on a beach, relaxing by the pool, taking in magnificent scenery and eating out every night – just because we can!

If you’re hoping to jet off this summer, now is a great time to start hunting for deals on your ideal getaway. Many tour operators advertise discounted breaks in the New Year and with the summer season still a few months off, you’ve got plenty of time to save some spending money and pay off the cost of your holiday between now and your departure date.
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