Postcards from Vigan

Horse-drawn carriages clip-clopping on cobblestone streets past Spanish-era houses called bahay na bato — there are only a few places in the Philippines as nostalgic as Vigan. The city, a World Heritage Site, is “an exceptionally intact and well preserved example of a European trading town in East and Southeast Asia,” according to UNESCO.
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Vigan City: A stupid question & a National Folk Artist

A day at Vigan’s Burnayan could easily be predictable and boring, especially for us who’ve been to the place so many times in the past during family trips or school field trips.

Our last visit, however, couldn’t be any less extraordinary. But we didn’t realize it until we left its familiar gates—which, that time, didn’t look quite as familiar as we have always thought.

TWO2TRAVEL | Ilocos | Vigan | Burnayan
From sand to jar: this is how the typical Vigan burnay looks like from start to finish

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