Tips for your trips: La Union

La Union — We’ve been here, literally, since birth. We’ve stalled previous attempts at writing a guide (I am rolling my eyes as I write this) for so long because we really didn’t think there was enough around here to let anybody stay.. until of course recently, when, all of a sudden, we have a festival (what?!), a night market, and so many new restaurants mushrooming all over town. I mean, if people are eating here, there must be something going on.
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La Union’s Sillag Festival

Quite literally, La Union‘s Sillag Festival brightened up a rather lackluster tourism scene in our hometown.

Although there are a handful of interesting sights for visitors, not to mention the surfing, La Union still has a long way to go.

This is probably—hopefully—the first step.

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Surfing like it’s the end of the world

December 21, 2012 didn’t look like the right day to learn anything new, thanks (or no thanks) to John Cusack’s mad limo driving skills.

We don’t know about you, but we did spend the good part of the year before that wondering what would indeed happen. We were curious if, indeed, nature will all kill us off by some cosmic freak accident.

But then that Friday came and we found ourselves chugging ice-cold orange juice and facing the sea (which didn’t look like it was about to swallow us whole), contemplating on one thing: surfing.

TWO2TRAVEL | La Union | Surfing in San Juan

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POSTCARDS: Cloud 9 surfer PJ Alipayo in San Juan, La Union

Surfer from Cloud 9, Siargao PJ Alipayo pulls off an impressive aerial—a maneuver where the surfer and his board is momentarily suspended in midair—at Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union.


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Of sunsets and Multiply

So this is the last day we’re ever going to see our Multiply blogs, as the company will shut down its blog platform tomorrow to make way for its e-commerce site.

We’ve managed to download 4,000 photos combined (unfortunately we have no high-resolution backups anymore, because we’re very good just like that).

MULTIPLY ARCHIVE | La Union | Sunsets | Nikka

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