On the other side of Boracay’s White Beach

Bone-shaped Boracay was not well loved. We have always thought it was a hostile place for the average Pinoy with the hard-earned vacation leave and even more hard-earned vacation money. We’ve had more fun for less in other places.

But we found ourselves staying in this island for a month, partly for work and entirely by choice. The people we had met during this time—people with easy smiles who welcomed practical strangers like old friends—compelled us to look at the island the way they do. And in this respect, Boracay the pricey island was shoved, and in its place came an island that’s easygoing, laidback, and generous. It was generous in its natural beauty, and even more so in its people.

But then again we also had to live with things that lead many to call the island a sh*thole. I won’t be calling anybody’s home that, but this doesn’t make the bad drainage, choking traffic (both vehicular and pedestrian), and many other unpleasant images, mostly at the expense of the environment, any less real. They are.

White Beach itself isn’t as placid as I remember it from two years ago, and the changes in the tides have become drastic. There were days when we could barely walk along White Beach from Diniwid, as crashing waves lent some parts practically impassable with the slightest rains.

Diniwid Beach, Boracay, Philippines - by www.Two2Travel.com
Diniwid Beach is pretty when the sun is out, very pretty indeed.

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Beachin’ in the Philippines: Time to get those summer plans rolling!

We know—it’s chilly and it’s always raining in the afternoon. We didn’t forget we’re in the middle of November.

But this—NOW—is the best time to start planning your summer trips because tickets are most likely cheaper (we checked). This early though we want to apologize for this incomplete list (El Nido, for one, is glaringly absent—we promise to go there in the very near future). Be that as it may, all these are worth spending some of your Christmas bonuses for. Here’s to a splashing cool summer for all of us!


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