POSTCARDS: The sun sets over Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

Dumaguete, Negros Oriental sunset |

There are mountains to trek, waterfalls to see, dive sites to explore, and a breezy tree-lined boulevard that’s perfect for after-school siesta–that is, if you’re one of the many students who call this university town home.

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POSTCARDS: A quieter sunset on Panglao’s other side

Panglao’s town center, a few meters off the pier, gives no indication whatsoever that part of its coastline is home to sprawling five-stars and a Boracay-like ambience just five minutes away. Those who are rather tired of sunsets at Alona Beach—the more touristy portion of Panglao—can troop to this pier instead, where mangroves line either side and the view of the sun as it sets on the horizon is just as stunning.

Two2travel | Postcards
A man docks along the mangrove-lined pier of Panglao Island, Bohol.

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POSTCARDS: Sunset surf in San Juan, La Union

DSC_6412 copy

Pro surfer Luke Landrigan rips the waves as the sun sets at Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union. Notice the prominent POKS FOREVER BROTHER print on Landrigan’s board—Poks Esquivel, a good friend of Landrigan, was the one-legged surfer who passed away earlier this year due to a heart attack.

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Of sunsets and Multiply

So this is the last day we’re ever going to see our Multiply blogs, as the company will shut down its blog platform tomorrow to make way for its e-commerce site.

We’ve managed to download 4,000 photos combined (unfortunately we have no high-resolution backups anymore, because we’re very good just like that).

MULTIPLY ARCHIVE | La Union | Sunsets | Nikka

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