Shoot manual | Travel Photo Tip 4

Shooting manual may not be the most straightforward thing to do, but it’s actually the best way to take full advantage of your DSLR’s capabilities. The more you use it, the more it becomes second nature to you. And just like in cooking, creating the exposure you want is just a matter of mixing the right ingredients together. In this case, these main ingredients are: aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance (WB).

travel photo tip 4

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Shoot wide | Travel Photo Tip 3

The subject of what lens is best for travel is often an issue of weight, efficiency, and even price, but all these will have to take a backseat once performance comes in.

photo tip 3

What do I mean by this? If you love what a lens does so much, you begin to ignore the fact that it weighs a ton, or that you had to take out a loan plus two months’ worth of salary to get it.

This is not to say, though, that lenses are the end-all and be-all of taking pictures, and taking pictures for travel in particular. They are not. What they do, however, is help us all get the job done as efficiently as possible, depending on our style of shooting and our needs for that particular moment. They are great tools, but remember that they are just that—tools that need someone’s skill to put them to use. That’s where YOU come in.

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Work with what you have | Travel Photo Tip 2

phototraveltips 2

I’m sure you’ve heard of this before:

the best camera is the one that’s with you.™

This famous statement was coined by photographer Chase Jarvis (who proceeded to own the trademark). It’s a rather hard lesson to learn, but it’s true that the camera is only as good as you make it.

So in the end, it hardly matters what gear you use. Those who do not have DSLRs should therefore not feel discouraged that good photos only come with expensive cameras.

In the same way, those with all the gear in the world should never assume that good photos come automatically—or automagically, for that matter.
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Where’s the light? | Travel Photo Tip No. 1

What you can do with a camera while traveling is amazing. You can capture moments and people you may never be able to see again. In a way, photos extend our experience of these places way after we’ve left them. And we can share these with others too, or else make money from them (why not?).


In this series, Travel Photo Tips, we want to share with you some shooting tips we have found useful in our travels. It does not matter what kind of camera you’re using, so long as it works for your ends. In the same way, it doesn’t matter where you want to go, how far or near your home that may be.

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Travel photography tips from our favorite travel photographers

Travel photography tips from Yen Baet, Edwin Martinez, and Jacob Maentz
One of the better ways to improve on any craft—aside from constant practice—is to surround yourself with the right influences.
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