Up the road to Mt. Cabuyao, Tuba, Benguet

I remember a proposition in Kidapawan City months before to build concrete steps (16,000!) up Mt. Apo, the Philippines’ highest mountain. Nothing could be worse than that, except maybe if they decide to make a zipline on the way back down.

Owen and I are no mountaineers but we do understand how important it is to earn anything you want to enjoy (i.e., the joy of being on top of everyone else in the entire 7,107-island archipelago). And although 16,000 steps certainly seem exhausting, who would ever attempt to do it? We wouldn’t. We’re quite sure nobody else, except a mountaineer, would dare scale such height, and certainly not along concrete steps.

But of course, as it turns out, we ‘trekked’ to Mt. Cabuyao, the nearest mountain to Baguio City, along a road so well paved that we were able to take turns kicking a stone on the way up (why? erm, why not?!)

TWO2TRAVEL | Mt. Cabuyao
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