The rewards of travelling together

traveling gives you that high that even methamphetamine cannot give (not that we’ve tried that one though). But as anyone who has, even for just once, been somewhere far and somewhere new knows, traveling brings a kind of joy that comes even in the simplest of things:

a new dish discovered,

a really fantastic sunset,

TWO2TRAVEL | Cebu | Bantayan
or a beach that’s so beautiful you’d want to just forget about your day job (and your boss, both of which suck) and stay sun-kissed all your remaining days.

Ah, what joy.

Every single new experience you get on the road is an investment in your character (and to some of us, your future). The mere fact that you decided to get out of your cubicle and go someplace strange means you still got it inside you. What, exactly?


Your wanderlust. We believe each one of us has this inner urge to travel that just needs to be woken up from slumber. Everyone who’s been hit by the travel bug knows this very well: once you start traveling, you’re never going to stop. 

Once you discover how much more you can do during a measly three-day stay in an island than three days in the office (pfffft), you would do everything to get back to your wandering self rather than be your office cubicle self. 


This is not to say, though, that traveling is all about vacations where all you do is eat and go to the beach and sleep and eat many more times in between. We should know, because for the last year or so, we had been the most exhausted when we were on the road.

Instead, traveling should be all about experiencing things you otherwise won’t get at home or at work (duh), even if it means you have to force your body to do a double-time so you can squeeze in as much of these good stuff in your three-day stay. It’s a literal way of crossing boundaries, letting go of your comforts, because who knows, you might not experience this ever again. We thought about it that way when we went through hell and high water just to taste crabs (God they were good!), forked over an arm and a leg just to get to the next flight after missing ours (damn that again!), or denied ourselves any Christmas treats (and I mean ANY) because we were saving up for a 12-day trip. 

Clockwise from left: Bantayan, Cebu; Dinagyang, Iloilo; and Sinulog, Cebu.

These may not be as ‘bad’ as some of you may have experienced, but we certainly learned so much from all these adventures and misadventures. We’ve learned to sacrifice and stay calm no matter what happens. We’ve learned to value the simplest of thing (like arriving to fireworks in a remote island that barely had electricity!) and work really hard for what we want. We learned to dream together, to dream continuously, and to dream BIG! 

We hope that as we share with you some of these experiences, including some tips and directions and itineraries, you’d start packing your bags and ride those airplanes! As for us, we can’t wait to get on the next one!

Till then, 
Owen & Nikka