Timelapse: Breathtaking Batanes from sun up to sundown

There are absolutely no words to describe Batanes. It is, quite simply, the most jaw-dropping place we have ever set foot on.

We don’t know if any of the photos we took home will ever accurately depict what our eyes saw, but we tried, we really did. And this video, taken from Sabtang and Batan Islands during the four full days we explored Batanes, is one of these many attempts.

BATAN ISLAND: Valugan Beach, Radar Tukon, Naidi Lighthouse, Vayang Rolling Hills, Diura Fishing Village, Marlboro Country
SABTANG ISLAND: Chavayan, Sabtang Lighthouse, Morong Beach

One day, one night one moment
With a dream to be leaving
One step, one fall, one falter
Find a new world across a wide ocean
This way became my journey
This day brings together
Far and away
~Book of Days

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  • WanderfulTogether

    Sana pagpunta namin ng Batanes marunong na din akong gumawa ng videos na ganito hihi! Ganda. :)

    • http://www.two2travel.com/ Two2Travel

      Thank you guys! <3

  • http://pala-lagaw.blogspot.com/ Francis Balgos

    The Batanes landscape is really breathtaking. :)

    • http://www.two2travel.com/ Two2Travel

      Tell me about it! :)

  • Reynante M. Martinez

    Ahhh… Wonderful, just wonderful. This makes me really proud to be resident of the country, yet it saddens me that I wasn’t able to visit this majestic place yet.

    I’ll be there. ;)

    Mind if I share this video over on my network?


    • http://www.two2travel.com/ Two2Travel

      Hi Reyn! Sure sure, thank you! Abang-abang ng seatsale sa PAL Express, lalo na pag Mondays! :)

  • http://pinoydaysleeper.com/ Ayan Villafuerte

    wow.this is insanely beautiful!

    • http://www.two2travel.com/ Two2Travel

      Thank you Ayan! Ganda talaga ng Batanes. Hope you can visit soon! :)

  • Jeraine Arik Martinez

    Ang ganda!!!

    • http://www.two2travel.com/ Two2Travel

      Sabi ng mga taga doon, pangit pa nga daw yung nakita namin kasi kakatapos ng bagyo. Kelangang bumalik! Hehe

  • http://www.two2travel.com/ Two2Travel

    Thanks May-May! :D

  • Vismarc Ronn Dela Cruz

    I realized that the phrases above the video box are the lyrics of the background song, isn’t it?.. ;_) > Batanes, 105 days to go! Haay.. :-)

    • http://www.two2travel.com/ Two2Travel

      Yep they are. All the best on your trip, Vismarc! :D

  • http://www.two2travel.com/ Two2Travel

    Thanks Carm! Enjoy your Batanes trip!

  • http://www.two2travel.com/ Two2Travel

    Hi Abby! Thanks. It’s a timelapse, like a series of photos taken every second (or so) then stitched together. Kind of like video, but slower.