Travel links

in random order

The Poor Traveler — well-thought-out, relevant, but still entertaining narratives; useful travel guides, including visa information around Asia

Walk Fly Pinoy — impeccably written and insightful stories around Asia; long-term SEA travel; backpacker-friendly information; stories that lean on food and adventure

The Travelling Dork — candid travel stories and lots of inspiration. The guy’s a creative genius.

FlipTravels — no-holds-barred, entertaining travel narratives

Lakbay Diva — everything you want to know about being underwater in the Visayas, including superb (mostly off-beat) spots; freediving

The Travelling Feet — useful, backpacker-friendly info on Cebu as well as extended SEA travel

Wanderlass — scuba diving; RTW, including useful visa tips for Pinoys

Pinay Travel Junkie — RTW trip to places whose names we can’t even pronounce

Wander If You Must — well-written, insightful travel accounts; a good chance of stories from Africa since the author works there

Echoserang Lakwatsera — funny, sarcastic, self-deprecating travel stories

I Dreamed of This — all good things about the Philippines

Just One Way Ticket — superbly designed website; always a fun, light read

Roads and Kingdoms — pure perfection. Photos, design (design!), writing. Everything.