Travel photography tips from our favorite travel photographers

Travel photography tips from Yen Baet, Edwin Martinez, and Jacob Maentz
One of the better ways to improve on any craft—aside from constant practice—is to surround yourself with the right influences.

And nothing can be truer for travel photography—nothing beats being in the middle of all that action and beauty and using your camera to tell their stories, but it’s always good to have people’s works to look up to for inspiration.

One of our default resources, of course, is National Geographic for amazing, out-of-this-world photography. Aside from that, we always ogle at the works of photographers who make travel photography seem much more fun than it already is.

And it’s such a big bonus if these people happen to be Pinoys, or are foreigners who photograph the Philippines on a regular basis. Suddenly these out-of-this-world scapes seem much more reachable, and capturing photos of them seems much more doable.

So as a way of saying THANK YOU to our friends who have been following our blog over the past year, we’re giving you these amazing photographers whose works we personally admire. We had asked them for tips on HOW TO TAKE BETTER TRAVEL PHOTOS which we can share with our readers, and they’ve been very very generous with their time. From both of us at Two2Travel, THANK YOU to Ms. Yen, Sir Edwin, and Sir Jacob! Merry Christmas everyone!

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  • Christian | Lakad Pilipinas

    Great post here! I still believe that the key to good photography is to never stop learning, thank you for sharing this. :)

    • Two2Travel

      Agree! Hope to shoot with you sometime, idol! :-)

  • doi

    thanks for sharing this. i already know jacob’s brilliant photography skills and i’m glad i could add two more. ^_^

    • Two2Travel

      Welcome, Doi! And they’re very nice people too. :D

  • soloflightEd

    Galing. Great that you we were able to gather tips from these famous photographers!

    Let me also just say I love your photos guys! Ganda!

    • Two2Travel

      Hey Ed, thank you!

      We didn’t expect they would, but thankfully they did, hehe. They’re been very kind to spare time for this post. :)

  • kate

    Breathtaking shorts! the camel one was excellent!

    • Two2Travel

      Thanks Kate! :-)

  • kulasa

    truly magnificent shots! :)

    • Two2Travel

      :) they’re all excellent photographers! thanks for dropping by, kulasa! :D

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