Ultimate Cruising Essentials: What not to forget

guest post april 8 2013

Whether you’ve booked a trip ondeck the Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas to the Caribbean or you’ve decided to enjoy a cruise of the Nordic Fjords, one thing is true for all journeys: there’s nothing quite like creature comforts to make you feel at home.

Sure, you may be on a budget and in a space-saving cabin, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of what you do have, which is where your unforgettable items come in. Rather than packing everything but the kitchen sink into your carryon luggage, compromise and refer to a list of absolute essentials. Items that make the transition between home and travel that little bit easier. Pay attention to this invaluable cruise holiday advice and remember to pack some key belongings that will be truly useful, such as:

• Your camera – Any frequent traveller will know that a camera is a crucial bit of kit. Whether you want to take snapshots for your own benefit, or to show your friends and families once you return home, a camera is a perfect way to capture your memories to help reminisce at a later date. Take a spare SD card as well, in case you fill one or, god forbid, lose it. Pack a charger too so that the battery can be recharged whenever you need it to.

• Books – While the shore excursions available are usually excellent for when you’re moored in port, and the facilities and activities on deck are great itinerary-fillers for when you’re sailing, there’s nothing like a good book to fill some quiet time. Rather than taking a bag full of paperbacks, invest in a Kindle – the ideal way of taking your latest reads with you, without sacrificing space in your bags.

• A power strip – It’s not an automatic thing you may think of, but it’s incredibly useful if you have several electronic devices that may need charging at the same time. Cabins don’t have many sockets, so a power strip would be ideal; just don’t overload it!

Read up on the various cruise holiday advice available online and book your 2013 cruise today.

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